January 12th, 2011

9 Heartbreaking Dysfunctions of On-Line Dating And How to Avoid Them

If you knew what to expect, if you knew what you needed to look for, if you became an expert at spotting the red flags much faster, if you had someone who was an expert at deciphering what men say, how to see through the “static” of on-line profiles, you would feel better about trying to make it work. After all, static is not electrifying. Static causes shock, not sparks!

If you could weed the 9 Heartbreaking Dysfunctions of Online Dating out of the cyber jungle, it wouldn’t be so totally overwhelming, to say nothing of exhausting.

WOW!! With all of these possible pitfalls, how can you even begin to figure out who is who? Do you know the characteristics of each of these? Can you ‘spot ‘em’ in a profile before you get drawn in and start to get taken?

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December 31st, 2010

Get your party hat’s on and let’s celebrate New Year’s Eve together

Men in Relationships: Understand the 7 types of women men choose and whether you and he are good together. In this tele-class, discover the different categories of men and relationships, and what each type offers you. Get the insights you need to know when a man could be the perfect match or when you should move on and keep looking. Either way, you’ll have the tools to make all the variables add up to success.

** This teleclass is FREE and if you would like to order the audio playback (available shortly after the class) for $9.97 for 24 hours after the class and $19.97 thereafter.



December 22nd Tele Class 6pm PST

Mixed Up by His Mixed Messages?
Is he calling or emailing every day, then you don’t hear a word? Is he eager for your upcoming date, then tough to pin down for the next? If you’re getting mixed messages by a date or boyfriend, I’ll tell you what signals he’s really trying to send. My next tele-class helps sort out whether you or he are sending mixed messages, and if it’s worth it to fix up the mix up.

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